Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are those of My Fold,
whose bodies are wrinkled and old,
your eyes are straining to see.
Your natural bodies are decaying,
the way of the earth it is going,
But inside you are young and free.

A full life you have lived,
with still much of My Love to give,
Yet longing to be with Me.
Your heart’s bursting with joy,
for at the end of life’s toil,
Forever, you will live with Me.

The world calls you useless and old
with no love for My Fold,
cares not for your suffering or pain.
All good they think that they do,
their deeds you see through,
greedy hearts seeking only for gain.

To your wisdom and truth youth listens not,
running to and fro in a fast hurried trot,
because My Peace they do not comprehend.
Their cry for judgment is from anger inside,
not coming from My insight.
They do not discern My working hand.

You appreciate in the midst of life’s storms
the assuring calmness of my loving arms,
a peace this world cannot understand.
But soon youth will come to your place
and the joy of the aged will show on their face.
Then eternity’s peace they will begin to comprehend.

For in My Aged there is a beauty
of a quietness and serenity.
That shows in their gray hair and wrinkled face.
To some your walk, your talk is a little slow,
they criticize and say you are really not in the flow.
I am very old, can you see Me in their face?

But your heart I have seen
and time spent on your knees,
A little time in this world still remains.
But soon you will be immortal,
when you walk through Heaven’s portals,
Then new eyes will behold the Lamb that was slain.

Oh yes children judgment is coming fast;
with a sound from the Angel’s trumpet blast.
And many will not finish the race.
It’s not speed by which you cross the line,
the blood of Jesus, the only Begotten Son of Mine.
And the Father’s wondrous Mercy and Grace.

So to those called by My Name,
My Spirit and Word say the same.
Of My Fold you must give them place.
In My eyes they are special to Me.
For in these last few words you will see
A little mystery of God’s glorious face.

Cherish the little ones sent from above
and bring them up in the nurture of My Love.
For they are the beginning of My Grace.
Despise not but respect My Aged Ones
of My Church they are still My lively stones.
For they are the finishers of Life’s Race.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



            There is a ‘demon’ born out of the ashes of man’s rebellion in the garden that lurks in the soul of all mankind.  He is subtle but deadly.  He shrouds himself in a form of humility that not many recognize.  He is called ‘spiritual humility’.  He cloaks himself with good works and an outward display of supposed love.  We all have to battle with him.  We all have to be on our guards that he doesn’t creep in and tear down the defenses of our hearts.  You may see this ‘demon’ in pastors, elders, deacons; or anyone who think themselves to be something in their ministry or their knowledge.
            The Apostle Paul was given a thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan, to buffet him so that he wouldn’t think too highly of himself.  The apostle recognized this nemesis.  Perhaps it took a while for him to see it.  Perhaps it came to him not long after he rebuked Peter for Peter’s double mindedness.  Perhaps he realized it after God spoke and said that His grace was sufficient.  This ‘demon’ will make you think that you are holier, more informed, more religiously educated than anyone else.  And even when you will speak and confess, “oh no, brethren I am no better than any of you.”  Deep within will wait in the shadows those hideous claws ready to grip your soul with that pharisaical thought, “oh but yes I really am.”  In the back of your mind you will look down just a little at those around you.
            No one really knows what a child of God may act like in their personal time.  Many just like the publican will constantly be on their face confessing and thank God for his mercy towards them, while others will think that God can’t do without them.  There are many modern day preachers that are more interested in your self esteem making you feel good about yourselves that they are interested in your eternal soul.  Remember the Pharisee prayed to ‘his god’ but the publican prayed to God.  And we can see who came away justified.  The one who realized he was a nobody in need of God’s forgiveness.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


A flower dies in the winter when its usefulness has served God's purposes.  Its beauty has been viewed and appreciated by those around.  But God has seen its death and noticed how it died with no resistance.  Its death has not gone unnoticed.

But death is not a finality to those things that are of an eternal value.  Therefore think not that the failures in your life are for naught.  What God values in you most is not what you deem as worth.  Remember in death God's Son bought our souls.  When we come to the end of ourselves then you will truly know Him.  The Ruby is a gem that is clear but its depth is priceless.  Oh, the depth and richness of the Son of God.


Even in death hears the voice of the flower.  From a seedling it rises from earth drawing God's sunshine and therefore it grows.  God wants to hear our voice cry out to Him.  So that He may know us and we would know Him.